28 January 2020

THE ECO-SYSTEM, the first collaborative platform for the packaging industry

What do you need to create real circular packages?

Closing the loop is not a simple task. It doesn’t only depend on biodegradable materials to create packages; it also depends on the inks that we use or the recyclers that will manage the waste among others. Therefore, a package is not sustainable if it has such an innovative bioplastic that it cannot be recycled after its use. 

The ECO-system

For circularity to happen it is essential that we collaborate and that is where 3D CLICK wants to help you; we have created the Ecosystem, a place to contact and collaborate between the different packaging agents to create circular packages and close the loop. It is a platform where brands and other suppliers will be able to contact you and also you contact them in an efficient way. 

How does it work?

To be part of the ECO-system, you just need to create your company profile. In this profile you will be able to describe your company, as well as the materials you use and the formats you produce. Other important features is that you can upload pictures and also your sustainable certificates.