SP Group is a group of companies dedicated to manufacture flexible and rigid film (laminates and complexes) for food packaging for large-scale consumption throughout Europe. They work with a range of solutions that are used by their clients for the industrial packaging of their products.Their films are used to produce a wide variety of packaging formats. Among their main products, we can highlight flowpack packaging, tray lids principally of rPET or PET PE, vertical pouches and stand-up pouches, among others. Another of their main activities is the extrusion or manufacture of rigid and semi-rigid films for thermoformed packaging.The four printing techniques they currently offer complement our packaging options: offset, digital, flexography and rotogravure. These techniques provide their clients with versatility, allowing them to choose the best option for their products, whether these are food products. Hygiene products, or products from other sectors such as the motor industry, chemical and biological products, the aerospace industry, converters, etc.Our facilities are located in strategic locations for ease of distribution. Two manufacturing plants in Córdoba (Spain), in France and in Poland.


Packaging material supplier


Flexible Plastic, Paper, Apet, Biodegradable, BOPA, EVOH, OPP, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PET-G, PLA, PA Polyamide, PP, PVDC


Food, Cosmetic & Care, Pharma & Health, Animal food


Tray (basket) Manual packaging, Tray (basket) thermosealed, Doypack, Flowpack, Lid, Velcro, Zip

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