ADBioplastics is a startup dedicated to the development and commercial exploitation of custom-made BIOplastics, a strong alternative to save the planet replacing the traditional plastic based on fossil fuels and very polluting.Our material is BIObased + BIOdegradable. From the origin because they are produced by corn, sugar cane, and sugar beet to renewable and biodegradable. Our add value is that our material is also compostable. The material goes down by 90% within six months in an industrial composting process. A process that will help our target, packaging manufacturers in the food sector to fulfill the EU´s Strategy of plastic reduction by 2030 as well as make the world a better place, our leitmotiv.With our background (ITENE spin-off) we are able to modify a BIOpolymer PLA into a PLA-Premium and improve its properties such as:- Higher barrier OTR/WVTR than PLA- Thermal stability and improved mechanical properties- Tunable transparency- Good processabilityAll these meet the requirements demanded in the food sector.


Packaging material supplier


Flexible Plastic, Rigid Plastic, Biodegradable, PLA




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