Inka Palet S.L. was established in 1999 aiming at offering all the range and different types of existing pallets in the market.After the presswood pallet was consolidated in the market and its portfolio expanded, Inka Palet S.L. specialises in pallet manufacturing and its components in the packaging and logistics industry.We provide pallets manufactured from different materials, such as plastic pallets, aluminium pallets, metallic pallets, new and re-used wooden pallets, fiberboard pallets and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), carton pallets and Expanded Polystyrene Pallets (EPS). We also supply a wide rage of wooden, plywood, plastic and aluminium containers and boxes, all of them in standard or custom-made sizes. We also offer different parts and components for the palletization process, such as wedges, chocks, reels, interlayer lids and stacking corners.Having more than 5,000 m2 of surface, we supply our pallets in a fast way and without undue delay to any part of the world, directly and through our national and international distributors.Inka Palet S.L. is specialised in pallet manufacturing in the packaging and logistics industry. Its main aim is to offer pallets and components which best fit our customers needs. We offer the necessary counselling in order to find the best solution for any shipment, forwarding or exportation.Among our latest news, we highlight the line ECO, pallets and components for packaging manufactured from recycled plastic from selective waste collection. After a previous process of selection, extrusion and pressing, we achieve an optimum material, water repellent and long-lasting, ideal for the manufacturing of components for packaging and logistics, such as pallets, mini-pallets, reels, spools, wedges, lids, reel stands and fencing support feet. We can design the necessary components you might require.


Packaging converters


Aluminium, Cardboard, Rigid Plastic, Wood, Steel, Biodegradable, Paraffin cardboard, EPS, HDPE, PP


Food, Alcoholic Beverages, Cosmetic & Care, Non-alcoholic Beverages, Pharma & Health, Animal food


Box, Pallet, Packing box

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