11 October 2019

3 myths about compostable packaging

Nowadays, it is very easy to get confused with all the new concepts that we have to take into account to become a more sustainably company. And because we don’t want you to get greenwashed, today we want to share with you these 3 myths of compostable packaging: 

“Biodegradable packaging is better than compostable packaging”

FALSE. Compostable packaging is a subcategory of biodegradable packaging. “compostable” means that something will biodegrade within a certain time frame in certain specific human-controlled conditions.

“Compostable packaging can easily decompose at home”

FALSE. If you happen to throw a compostable packaging in your compost bin it may take a very long time in biodegradation. That is why the best option is to go to a composter facility because there are qualified professionals and machines capable of composing the materials faster due to the higher temperature optimised for biodegradation (approximately 58 degrees celsius). This means that in only 12 weeks 90% of your packaging can disintegrate. The web findacomposter.com provides you the nearest composter to deposit your packaging. 

“The best place for biodegradation are landfills”

FALSE. Biodegradation does not happen in any environment, degradation depends on many factors. In order to accelerate the process of biodegradation, compostable materials need two key factors: aire and moisture. And these two elements are kept out of landfills. This is other of the reasons why we should take our compostable packaging to composters.  

How can I know for sure that a packaging is compostable?

There are internationally recognised compostability standards that help us to understand exactly how products should behave in a compost environment.The packaging must meet one of the ASTM tests: ASTM D6400 or ASTM D6868. These test prove that the 90% of packaging is able to decompose in 6 months in a compost facility at the appropriate temperature.

Font: Wastebased.co

There are additional tests that go a step further, the TUV Austria OK Compost Home certification and DIN-Geprüft Home Compostable. These tests allow to decompose the packaging at home and it also makes sure that no plants or animals are intoxicated by the material. For example,  WasteBased is a supplier of compostable e-commerce bags that is certified by the TUV Austria OK Compost Home.

If you want to find more compostable packaging like this, you can also use our PackFinder and use our sustainability filters and let us find it for you. Click here if you want to see how it works.

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