20 February 2018

Welcome to the Class of 2018

In case you haven’t heard the news yet – we’re thrilled to share that 3D Click has been selected to take part in the Startupbootcamp Commerce accelerator program 2018! We’ll be over in Amsterdam for 3 months of mentorship, training, networking and acceleration.

As a start-up; opportunities to collaborate with industry associations, investors, mentors and other companies can have a massive impact on the future of your business. This has certainly been our experience. We continue to develop 3D Click and move forward as a business thanks to links made at events, sound advice from mentors; and investors who believe in the benefit of our online packaging platform and believe in our excellent team.

Which is why we’re thrilled to have kicked off the program on 19th February.

How were we selected?

Over 500 start-ups initially applied to Startupbootcamp to take part in the program. This was narrowed down to a shortlist of 40, and then narrowed down even further to 18 new, innovative businesses from all over the world. These top 18 start-ups we were invited to join Startupbootcamp and a variety of mentors and Startupbootcamp partners over in Amsterdam, to take part in their intense selection days. So on 15th January Debora Alasraki (3D Click CEO), Javier Rial (CCO) and Luis Cordeiro  (CTO) landed on Netherlands soil, ready for the following two days of pitches and meetings.

Firstly all the companies were received with a warm welcome, and we learned about what we could expect in terms of dynamics and timings of the 2 selection days. Next followed a super useful Masterclass from ‘Pitch Coach’ David Beckett, which enabled us all to focus on perfecting our business pitches for the following days.

On the morning of 16th January, all 18 start-ups gathered to hear from Ernst Hofstra (MD  Startupbootcamp Commerce), about the days’ activities. Then began the pitches. We were the first to present, with Debora explaining  in just 1 minute - why 3D Click is such an innovative tool for speeding up packaging mock-up and validation; noticing and filling an unfulfilled gap in the market.

After listening to the other 17 pitches, we were left feeling inspired by our peers!

Then we launched straight into a round of 20-minute meetings with mentors and Startupbootcamp partners where we were able to hear their feedback. The day finished with a chance to network and get to know the other teams and mentors a little better!

The following day was similar, in that the round of meetings continued, giving all the start-ups a chance to talk with the partners they had not yet heard from.

Finally – we all joined up together for the results of the selection days from Ernst Hoestra, where the anticipation certainly stepped up a notch! We are absolutely thrilled to have been selected for the Startupbootcamp Commerce accelerator program, and give sincere congratulations to our classmates!

What does this mean for the future of 3D Click?

Being part of this program is a massive opportunity for 3D Click and one that we are truly thankful for. We plan to spend the next 3 months digging in and scaling up our company, with the sound advice and mentorship provided by SBC. We look forward to completing this process with the rest of our hugely talented classmates from the other 9 start-ups: Bundleboon, Deko Eko, Go Sherpy, Jetlink, MobieTrain, Orbit, PointCheckout, PredictLeads and Vinhood. We’ll be keeping you up to date on the blog and via our social media channels!

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