8 August 2019

Smart Packaging | Innovation and packaging technology

Smart Packaging phenomenon.


Smart Packaging. Future and present of smart packs.

Technology has come to the world of packaging, it’s called “Smart Packaging”. Smart packs are already a reality and they came to make our lives easier.


What is Smart Packaging?

To talk about the creation of smart packaging is talking about our present. No doubts about the fact that everything goes on, and the trend “Smart” is being applied to what surrounds us. Packaging does not stay behind. Nowadays the responsibility of innovation lies upon packaging designers. Trends guide the way to the heart of consumers, but today those consumers want more of what they consume. Good products are not enough, cheaper products are not enough, and of course, beautiful products are not enough. Now products have to be smart.


Technology has come to us to make our lives easier, or so progressists think. Now the time for packaging world has come. Brands must offer new experiences to their customers, new solutions for their needs. Soda is not for quench thirst anymore. You’re not going to buy cookies just to take the edge off your hunger anymore. Thanks to innovative techniques and technologies, packs offer interactive experiences in real time to consumers.  


Smart Pack.


Where did we leave QR code or Bidi? These ways of interaction with the consumer are not enough anymore. 

A lot of big brands are already applying Smart technology to their products, which with no doubts will help them to make the difference from competitors. This is the case of Heineken beer, which decided to delve into the world of smart packaging launching to the market a model of can that offer to the consumer information about its optimum temperature using color indicators. This is one of the most used methods as far as Smart Packaging is concerned. 

Other examples could be smart bottle caps, which used in milk packs could advise of its state with no need of tasting or smelling it.

Heineken Cool Can


In summary, “Smart Packaging” is an excellent tool for promotion, with which offer experiences to the consumer and make the difference with competitors.


How do you think future packaging will be?

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