25 August 2017

Real-Time 3D Rendering

Why spend loads of time in highly specialized 3D software when you can use 3D Click’s 3D Builder to create your customized 3D prototype in just a minute without advanced expertise! You can move, scale and annotate your 3D prototypes, explore them in 360°, create animations and collaborate privately with your team and/or clients.

This way, they can follow up on development and project changes in real time, removing the need to always be saving new files and sending them over . Cut the cost of renders and extra meetings by simplifying the process of object/project creation, evaluation and alteration. This is the main reason why 3D Click is revolutionizing the packaging industry, by making the processes simpler.

With 3D Click you can also upload your entire catalogue of 3D mockups easily, thus reaching new clients and audience, making easy to engage other designers, brand owners and retail marketers. All your 3D mockups will be directly accessible exclusively in our online platform and customizable by packaging professionals registered in 3D Click's website.

Throw away your worries about software updates. 3D Click benefits from constant automatic updates, making sure everything is up to date and as stable as possible. Use our platform as your personalized marketing & sales tool.

3D Configurator for eCommerce