8 August 2019

Sustainability | conscious habits respectful with the environment

Reasonable use of plastic

In this entry we’re going to have a look to some little actions we can take and habits we can acquire to make our contribution to keep going towards a more sustainable and respectful world.

What habits can we change to use reasonably plastics?

In our daily routine we do hundreds of unconscious actions that harm our planet. Using traditional packaging we generate a huge amount of waste. This is something that we could avoid if we were conscious of our ways. Do you want to know some actions you can take?


Reusable bags

Use reusable bags or cloth-made bags instead of single-use plastic bags, more resistant and sustainable. You can save yourself dozens of bags.


Never single use

Avoid using throw-away dishes, glasses, and cutlery when eating. Use instead reusable packs and bottles that you can carry always with you. A good action to take is to replace plastic toppers with aluminum or glass-made toppers as well.

More than one use

When you do your shopping think of getting products whose packs could be reused.

Learn about materials

Plastic is not bad, what is truly bad is its bad use and waste management. Learn about the properties of different plastics to know how they affect the environment and different ecosystems. There are a lot of packs that can be reused and others that its reuse it’s not recommendable. Which one you want to use is your choice, but you have to know the different possibilities. If you’re interested, take a look at…(different types of plastic?) 


With these simple habit changes, we can contribute notably to protecting our global ecosystem. Little actions help to make our planet more sustainable

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