31 October 2019

3 tips for a more sustainable Halloween

Did you know that americans will spend this year over $8.8 billion in cheap costumes, decorations and candy? This means $2.700 million only in candy for their trick or treat. ¿Do you want to know some of the alternatives for a more sustainable halloween?

¿And where does all of this waste end?

Today we bring you 3 tips to celebrate Halloween in a sustainable way

Sustainable packaging for sweets and drinks

An interesting alternative for classic materials such as aluminum or plastics are cellulose and biologic materials. Renewable raw materials such as vegetable starch, corn, potatoes or wheat also cellulose fibers or agricultural rests provide the first molecules for bioplastics that are gaining more and more importance in the market. 

The best packaging is the one that doesn’t generate waste

Evoware has created edible packaging made of seaweed. The company is leader in sustainability and innovation. You can find packaging solutions from burgers and sandwiches to soap. Moreover, their product acts as a natural fertilizer for plants and permits being printed and sealed. Sounds incredible doesn’t it?

And in case you’re thirsty and you want to surprise your guests on Halloween… Loliware has created biodegradable and edible cups with different flavors and gluten free. The cups are made of seaweed, natural sweeteners and colorants derived from fruit and vegetables. 

Solutions are in small details. Sulapac has created the famous and dangerous straws with biodegradable material that don’t harm the environment. It’s simply great.

Font: evoware

Ecological bags for trick or treat

The plastic bags with which the kids pick up their candy are producing unnecessary waste. We have more alternatives! That is why we should use reusable bags made of rigid plastic or woven material. Eco bolsa is the perfect example of a company that fabrics eco-friendly bags. The brand offers bags made of bamboo fiber, paper, polypropylene and nets. This company has worked for known brands such as Disney, Carrefour or Marvel.

Font: ecobolsahispania.es

Think out of the box and reuse other objects’ packaging

Giving a second life to a packaging is a good option in order to make its life cycle longer and not dispose it so fast. Usually packaging is created with the aim of protecting a product before being used. But, what if we thought of a second or even third life we could offer that packaging? Here you have creative examples on how to reuse a packaging.