6 September 2019

Design | Packaging design guide

Guide for designing packaging

Packaging design is ensuring an optimum performance of ideas, concepts and techniques in order to create a fully consistent project. In this practical guide, we will review some of the most important concepts.

Thinking about the client

First of all, we have to take into account the main objective of the packaging. Most of them aim to seduce the consumer by standing out from the competence. Nevertheless, the design also has to have solid basis in order to make possible it’s production, distribution, packaging and sales.

In many cases, the final decision that makes a client purchase a product is thanks to the packaging. But, we must take into account which aspects are more important for the client. Does he want to know about nutritional values? Does he prefer information from the manufacturer? No, he wants the design to be nice and attractive, and we can only achieve this with an original design.

What do we need to know in order to design a successful packaging?

Here we mention three fundamental pillars before we begin to work.

Packaging design: The basis is the design, it defines the aspect of the product, the first impression that attracts the consumer. However, you have to consider which product goes inside the packaging to create a coherent design. Colors, typographies and other elements are fundamental to transmit the desired message to the consumer.

Production: Design isn’t enough, someone has to be able to produce it. Inventing impossible things doesn’t work, so bear in mind the technical aspects of production before starting. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer to receive information about the packaging.

Distribution and sales: It’s time to think about the distribution of the product. The weigh, dimensions, resistance and durability are key factors for the product to arrive at the supermarkets’ shelves in good conditions. Furthermore, you must check the legal aspects, so that they don’t surprise you once you’ve finished your production. In this case, it is recommended to develop a product validation process where all members of the project (manufacturer, client, marketing…) take part. In consequence, everyone can validate their part and approve the project.

Do you want to know how to validate your product easily?

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