13 September 2019

New eco-friendly trends for packaging design

Eco-friendly trends

As we all know, the packaging of a product is most times the key element that makes him choose one product rather than another. One of the features that consumers are taking into account when choosing a packaging is sustainability: they prefer organic, recyclable and/or biodegradable ones.Some companies that are adapting to these new necessities are Biobeauty, KitKat and Airfrance.

BioBeautys’ active packaging

An active packaging is considered a container that is capable of extending a products’ lifecycle by maintaining it’s properties and reducing the use of artificial preservatives. Bio Beauty has developed with the help of ITENE (National Institute of Technological Packaging) a packaging for organic lotion 100% compostable in 3 months.

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KitKat’s Sensorial packaging

Imagine a type of packaging that makes you want to play with it or smell it, a type of packaging that offers you an experience beyond containing a product. Well, this is the case of KitKats’ last packaging. The brand has decided to change their plastic packaging for a carton one and offering the consumer the option to create origami figures in order to give a second life to the packaging. According to Patrice Baula, strategic business manager of Nestle, he claims that “consumers are looking for sustainable solutions, not only the product but also the packaging”. That is why the company has decided to innovate in their containers.