20 October 2017

3D Click at the IEPack17

Hello 3D Clickers,

Last week we attended the 5th Annual Strategic Immersion Think Tank in Casteldefells which was led by the Packaging Cluster of Catalunya and Valencia.It was a conference of learning and sharing ideas about the latest in Packaging Technology Trends, and 3D Click had the pleasure of speaking to the group about our own success story supported by the Packaging Cluster. We discussed the huge opportunities for a more streamlined business approach using Lean Packaging Design. Lean is fundamental to our success as entrepreneurs because of the focus it places on saving time and continual learning and development.
Other hot topics on the agenda were digitalization, 4.0 industries, circular economy, innovation, and new business models.
In particular, we'd like to point out the Lego Serious Play method in which we took part. This was a fun and extremely useful way of problem-solving using Lego to represent our goals and how to get there! Frank Ponti, Professor of Innovation at EADA gave an informative talk about Design Thinking methodology; and Douglas Mulhall was representing EPEA to get us stuck into Cradle to Cradle and Healthy Printing. 
Overall, a very inspirational couple of days! We've come home with Ferran Latorre's words still in our minds, that everyone should have their own peaks to climb; in the search for beauty, curiosity for the unknown, and innovation, perseverance is paramount!
Many thanks to the Packaging Cluster of Catalunya and Valencia.
3D Configurator for eCommerce