It's time to stop making excuses and start making changes. We have developed the first 100% plant-based and free of plastic packaging solution that comes without the usual trade-offs. The future of packaging starts today.
We knew it was time to rethink how we produce our goods. So we did. We have developed a completely sustainable manufacturing process using energy from renewable sources only. What's more, we have disposed of all toxic materials. No plastics, no toxic glues, no films... no harmful anything.
Why? Because we are the first generation with the information, technology and means to propose a real change. Our commitment is to have a positive impact in the world by improving packaging solutions, and making our impact measurable and verifiable. Words won't save the planet, our collective effort will.
Our production facility in Barcelona has the most advanced technology, which allows us to make HyperCell and our 100% plant-based solution for paper cups, bowls, lids, and plates.


Packaging converters


Cardboard, Paper, Cellulose


Food, Alcoholic Beverages, Others


3D Configurator for eCommerce