Single Use Solutions LLC is dedicated to changing petroleum-based plastic food service items such as bottles, caps, labels, straws, eating utensils, and tableware to plant-based items that will reduce single-use plastic waste that currently clogs landfills, streams, roadways, and the ocean. By utilizing non-GMO plants to make compostable resins for the manufacture and distribution of these items, SUS has been working towards that goal for nearly two decades. The technology for making PLA and PHA containers now permit products that add value to packaging instead of the same items, made from petroleum, adding to the damage of the environment. By utilizing only “closed-loop” venues for water bottle distribution, food waste can also be handled with SUS’s patented “Bottle Model Digester” to convert everything to grey water in 24-48 hours. Education components accompany the implementation of these “new methods” for taking care of single-use petroleum plastic.


Packaging converters


Biodegradable, PLA


Food, Cosmetic & Care, Non-alcoholic Beverages


Bottle, Can, Screw cap

3D Configurator for eCommerce