Iniciativas de Valor Ecosolidario SL

Ivesol (an acronym for Initiatives of Ecological and Solidary Values) advocates for a sustainable commerce and responsible consumption, respectful of the environment. Also, its the goal of the company to contribute and help improve people's lives through its social causes.

We are committed to eco-packaging, different forms of packaging solutions more sustainable and ecofriendly (non-pollutant)

We promote and provide products that are biodegradable to substitute plastic in different industries:

Food Production: bakeries & confectioneries, horticulture, meats (beef, chicken, fish, lamb, etc.), and HORECA.

Textile: clothing, laundry, and dry cleaning

Industrial parts packaging

Research and development: new supports (packaging, containers, films, etc.)

We offer new materials and applications for a new ecological era.


Packaging material supplier


Rigid Plastic, Cardboard, Paper, Flexible Plastic, Bio _starch, Biodegradable, Cellulose, PLA


Food, Cosmetic & Care, Non-alcoholic Beverages, Pharma & Health


Bag, Bottle, Pallet, Doypack, Label, Films and wrappers (no bubbles), Flowpack, Tube, Zip

3D Configurator for eCommerce