Knowledge, quality and innovation have enabled Eurobottle to produce high quality water bottles in the Netherlands for 25 years. We are continuously progressing in the search for sustainable solutions for the production of our bottles.

Since January 2014, we have had the privilege to call ourselves the founders of the biobased plastic water bottle. We take quality and sustainability for granted, they are embedded in our daily business, this is how we distinguish ourselves from other suppliers. Our bottles are of course 100% recyclable.

We want to contribute towards a new standard for plastics, so that all water bottles in the future will be made from biobased plastic. What also separates us from other suppliers is the fact we offer a 330ml and 1000ml water bottle and we offer the possibility of adding an extra soft-touch layer.

We produce everything in-house, which also makes us the right choice for all of your custom made products.









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