CIC nanoGUNE is a research centre where the generation and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge is one of the driving forces of its activity. The substitution of plastic films by biodegradable materials is one of the strategic research lines and as part of it nanoGUNE is developing a technology able to create films out of food waste in substitution to conventional plastic films. In this scenario, cardboard can be proposed as an alternative to plastic packaging, but it has its limitations when in contact with food. nanoGUNE is working on a technology that can provide the barrier and biofilm properties the cardboard needs. To date, the tested sample bank is broad: sugars, proteins, collagen, gelatine, cellulose, etc., thus pointing to the great versatility of the technology. These materials, deposited onto the packaging cardboard, offer barrier properties that cardboard needs if it is to be in contact with food. That way, the aim is to fulfill the function until now provided by plastic films and substitute it for a fully, biodegradable coating.


Technology and investigation


Aluminium, Cardboard, Flexible Plastic, Other metals, Paper, Rigid Plastic, Biodegradable, Paraffin cardboard, Celophan, Cellulose, PLA


Food, Alcoholic Beverages, Cosmetic & Care, Non-alcoholic Beverages, Pharma & Health, Animal food, Communication



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